What We Do

As we aim to help brands grow and expand successfully, we provide our clients with a collection of integrated services starting from building their strategy to executing all their digital marketing activities.

Logo & Identity

Our creative process produces visual branding materials that create an impact and remains remembered, and Secret Agency provides you brand identity design services. It all starts with your brand’s origin story. We spend the time to get to know you and suss your brand’s story.

Marketing Strategy

Secret Agency develops a comprehensive marketing strategy for each business based on extensive research and analytics to gain a clear understanding of your company’s situation, objectives, and needs. That includes conducting market research, competitor analysis, and SWOT analysis, as well as developing marketing plans and guiding you down the best marketing path for you.

Social Media Marketing

Starting with your current online presence and positioning, we assess your strengths and plan to improve and expand your brand name. Our secret lies in planning effective marketing strategies across all digital channels that serve your business, as well as the use of the appropriate tools to promote your social media presence. 

Community Management

At Secret Agency, we seek to interact with your community, build long-lasting trust, and pay attention to the behaviour of your audience. Being transparent and interacting with your audience through genuine interaction is the best way to humanise your brand. And with personal relationships being one of the most crucial aspects of social media, it’s one of our secrets too.

Media Buying

Our marketers plan your digital ads in a way that maximises your ROI. We manage your ads across all necessary digital platforms, displaying them to your targeted audience using cost-effective tactics driven by the expected results to achieve more than expected.

Content Creation

We can generate the perfect content to help you grow your business. Our content creation services are interwoven into your digital marketing plan and aimed at accomplishing specific outcomes, such as brand growth, sales conversion, and customer retention.


Our Secret Agency marketers want your website to receive a lot of traffic, but what does it mean if those people don’t need or want what you have to offer? By demonstrating to search engine web crawlers and ever-changing algorithms that your website delivers trustworthy, and high-quality material, our SEO experts help sending the proper sort of people to your website.

Media Production

We create captivating motion graphic videos to make your brand appear more active and enjoyable. Our team ensures that you get a highly engaging video that promotes your brand identity and helps you attract more viewers. Secret Agency gives you the ability to take your videos to the next level. We create eye-pleasing videos through a professional editing process. Our video editors are also marketers, so they know how to produce engaging videos that serve your objectives.

Domain Name Reservation

Secret Agency offers the best domain reservation service because we realise that a domain name promotes your brand by increasing brand awareness. When your domain name complements the name of your company, it reinforces your brand in the market. It makes it easier for visitors to remember and return to your site. The right domain name will be simple to remember and pass on to customers.

Branding Website

We design and build branding websites that entice visitors to spend more time with your brand by providing smooth navigation and appealing designs.

E-commerce Website

Our programmers assure you that your E-commerce website is mobile and search engine friendly and delivering essential functions in the best possible way. 

Hosting & Technical Maintenance

Secret Agency developments Department provides you with all types of hosting

1- Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting option. Suitable for new sites and small sites with low traffic.
2- VPS hosting: This type provides flexibility and space for evolving sites that attract more traffic by combining some shared hosting features with some aspects of dedicated hosting so you can have less competition for the shared resources.
3- Dedicated Server: Hosting Rent up an entire Web server for one site or linked sites exclusively with dedicated server hosting, providing space, power, security and server hardware maintenance itself, installing software, establishing the site architecture, continued maintenance of the site and more.
4- Managed Hosting: provides expert setup and continuous site maintenance, which may be a cost-effective and trouble-free method to run a business or professional site, particularly for users who do not want to deal with the technical parts of the site administration. Managed hosting is a type of shared hosting in which the hosting provider is in charge of site setup and maintenance.

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